Life Is hard and finding a job is even harder. That’s why we make it our mission to help you find a job right after you complete your course successfully. As we are partnered with many agencies throughout South Florida, finding a job as an HHA (Home Health Aide) or NA (Nursing Assistant) is even much easier than before. That’s means, after leaving our classroom, most of our students can walk in confidence, knowing that they will start working right after successfully completing their class*.

Our Promise To You.

Our formula is simple. With board qualified educators, a challenging yet personalized curriculum, and hours that fit around our students' schedules; because we have morning, evening and night classes available, there's no way you can't succeed*. We also have a high success rate, by helping students become who they wanted to be there whole life. Your success is our mission because we want to make sure you have the career  you want, either as a HHA or Nursing Assistant (NA) through the help of our Nursing Assistant Prep Course.

We're committed to seeing our student's success in our courses.

Too many schools lack a personalized curriculum. Compassion is missing. How can we expect students to work from the heart, if we don't teach from the house to begin with? We're a South Florida Vocational School located in Sunrise FL, not too far from Fort Lauderdale, Tamarac and Lauderhill; helping students become a Home Health Aide (HHA) or Nursing Assistants (NA's) through the help of our Nursing Assistant Prep Course, built with a whole 'lotta love!

Students told us they felt frustrated by the lack of Quality Education options outside of a 4-year college.

Many of our students have a story to tell, a story like no other, a story where life seems as if there’s no way out or moving forward. That’s when we knew that change was needed. Everyone needed a chance to succeed and then Truth Health Academy was born. 

We aim to provide the freedom of having flexibility, when it comes to learning. Becoming and succeeding within your career has finally become much easier than before as your teachers will make sure that you as a student fully understand what is being taught. You can start your class around your schedule, whether you are working or have a family to look after; because we have morning, evening/night classes available. We know how busy life can be.

So, whenever you are ready to start your career as an HHA (Home Health Aide) or any other class we provide, we got you. And that’s just the beginning. Many doors will open, once you try.

We started our school
for students like you.

THA is a school for you

Too many schools lack a personalized curriculum. Compassion is missing. How can we expect students to work from the heart, if we don't teach from the house to begin with? 

Trusted by the Best

My experience from this establishment has been amazing! I’ve learned so much in the span of three weeks and was able to acquire practical skills. I am currently a college student in Tampa and was able to complete the entire program before I went back. I’m so grateful for Truth Health Academy!

- Demara, CNA '21

I have plans on becoming a Nurse (RN) in the near future but I wanted to have an understanding of what it means to be apart of the nursing team in the Hospital. Thats why I chose to become a CNA and Truth Health Academy helped me to achieve that. Thank You :)

- Britany, CNA '21

I am now a CNA thanks to Truth Health Academy, coming to this school was one of the best decisions I have made towards my educational development.

- Dion, CNA '21

The sign-up process was quite simple, their staff is amazing and the classrooms are so beautiful. This is the one of the most welcoming schools I have ever been to, being apart of their an Home Health Aide program was a very welcoming and a smooth progress. 

- Brittany, HHA '21

Truth Health Academy was the school the Lord wanted me to attend and it's a fact because I passed my CNA exam on one try. 

- Teo, CNA '21

Being apart of Truth Health Academy's CNA Prep Class was one of the best things I have done; now I am happily working as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and now furthering my career.

- Nieko, CNA '21

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