Nursing Assistant Prep Course

Starting your career doesn't have to be hard. We ensure that you are learning the correct skills needed to become a Nursing Assistant (NA); by linking you with a board qualified professor who works with you one-on-one in our Nursing Assistant Prep Class. By doing so ensures that you are fully prepared for the State Certification Exam.  

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Nursing Assistant Prep Course

the Nursing assistant prep class

Starting your nursing career doesn't have to be hard. We ensure that you are learning the correct skills needed to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA); by linking you with a Professional Instructor who works with you one-on-one. Thus, by doing so guarantees your success in passing the STATE CERTIFICATION EXAM.  

Imagine Yourself as a Certified Nursing Assistant working in the Hospital 


We believe in showing you the right way to properly care for your patient. Our instructor will demonstrate how to properly bathe, dress, take vital signs, turn or reposition patients who are bedridden.

So, if you feel as if becoming a NA (Nursing Assistant) is hard, think again, because we will help you along the way. 

Learn, succeed, thrive. You should trust us with your education because thanks to the help of our board-qualified professor, we have over 15 years of experience helping over 2000 students become Nursing Assistants

Our students now have a high passing rate to pass the State Certification Exam*.

its Emotionally Rewarding.

Learning should be simple.

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Emotionally Rewarding

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it's even more rewarding

My experience from this establishment has been amazing! I’ve learned so much in the span of three weeks and was able to acquire practical skills. I am currently a college student in Tampa and was able to complete the entire program before I went back. I’m so grateful for Truth Health Academy!

- Demara, CNA

I have plans on becoming a Nurse (RN) in the near future but I wanted to have an understanding of what it means to be apart of the nursing team in the Hospital. Thats why I chose to become a CNA and Truth Health Academy helped me to achieve that. Thank You :)

- Britany, CNA

I am now a CNA thanks to Truth Health Academy, coming to this school was one of the best decisions I have made towards my educational development.

- Dion, CNA

Truth Health Academy was the school the Lord wanted me to attend and it's a fact because I passed my CNA exam on one try and now I am CNA. 

- Teo, CNA

Great school, I took the CNA Prep Course and now I am a CNA. Also, very lovely environment, great teacher.... very understanding and encouraging, helps you find a job almost immediately after course is completed and you are certified.

- Lisa, CNA

Being apart of Truth Health Academy's CNA Prep Class was one of the best things I have done; now I am happily working as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and now furthering my career.

- Nieko, CNA

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At Truth Health Academy all of our students are offered the option of having a simple payment options, in order for them to pay for their classes stress free. We know how difficult life can be, we are here to work with you  along the way.

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Too many schools lack a personalized curriculum. Compassion is missing. How can we expect students to work from the heart, if we don't teach from the house to begin with? 

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