Need to Sign-up for the CNA Exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant


I can truly say the motto 'Where Success Begins' carries true meaning. I am so glad I choose this school. Our teacher Ms. Marva believes so much in success that she puts everything in teaching us.
Thank you very much Ms. Marva. You're like a second mom with great advise.
- Juliet Drysdale

I would recommend Truth Health Academy to anyone, who wants to work in the medical field, Ms Marva is a excellent teacher, loving and kind.
-Utilda Bent

Many voices have spoken and will gladly recommend us as your Nursing School for anyone looking to work in the medical field. 

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Our Personal Advisor will help and walk you through the process of signing you up for the State Board Exam and then you will be on your way to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. 

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